Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Big ol Photo Post

The last couple of weeks have been pretty indescribable... so I'm not going to try! Instead you get lots of photos. Wooo!

Festival Foro Do Tempo

Sao Luis and Lençóis Maranhenses

I'm now solo once again in the city of Belem, gateway to the Amazon. I'm trying to sort out my head and work out how in hell I am going to manage to take a boat into the jungle (5 days upriver), go trekking, get back, see all the coast, get down to Sao Paulo and then make it back up to Rio all in one month!

See y'all later aligators.

1 comment:

thegirlinla said...

holy fecking wow.
those festival photos just reinforce my jealousy! and the monkey - super cute. this country is outrageously beautiful and i can't wait to hear all your tales over a big drink once we're both back in blighty.