Sunday, 18 May 2008


Hello chaps,

As I will soon be trundling my merry way off to Brazil, I've decided to make the traditional hollow promise of frequent news and an exciting travelogue, by starting a new blog! Hurrah!

Hopefully this one will be a little more successful than my previous failed project - at least you should be able to post comments without creating an account this time.

When I start getting lazy, feel free to clamour for updates anytime!



Tim said...


John said...

Have a great time in Brazil!

Ben (older step bro) said...

lucky bastard, how big is your suitcase? space for a 14 year old boy maybe? i dont wanna do exams!

ben again said...

u know i will be checking this regularly and i will lose all respect for u if u do not carry this project through!

Spunky said...

Spunky saya you haven't even left South London yet you fraud!

Anonymous said...

Spunky says it's still very user unfriendly the route to comments