Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I have had some of the more *ahem* 'senior' members of my family try out the comment system on here, and it still seems to confound a bit, so I thought I'd post a quick tutorial on commenting in 10 easy steps.

1. Peruse my words of wit and wisdom.

2. Form an opinion.

3. Decide that, as with everyone else on the Internet, your opinion is uniquely fascinating and must be shared with the world!

4. Click on the comments link at the bottom of the post you would like to comment on. (It's just at the bottom, next to the time. It's in a funny blue colour and says something like "2 comments so far. Click here to comment.").

5. This link should take you to the comments page. You can read the other comments on the left.

6. Write your comment (without your moniker) in the big box on the right.

7. Read the warped coloured letters and type them into the box below. This provides infallible proof that you are not, in fact, an unfeeling machine. The computer tests this by measuring your irritation every time you are asked to perform this mindless task.

8. Click the circle next to "Name/URL" (Make sure that's the one highlighted, NOT "Google/Blogger" or "Open ID", unless you like that sort of thing.)

9. Type your name into the box that appears.

10. Click "Publish Your Comment"


John said...

I bet people still have problems commenting :-(

Viv said...

Well, what do you think? Bet you wern't expecting me first time round! Well after your flying start, curtesy de moi, longing to hear you've arrived ok, and purchased some flashy trunks to blend in on the beach. Sending love and thoughts always, xxx

Tim said...

1: Start blog
2: Explain comment system
3: ?????
4: Profit!

Bruce 'Bear' Collier said...
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Bruce 'Bear' Collier said...

Ohhh so thats how you do it! it all makes sence now