Wednesday, 2 July 2008

3. Tiradentes

Wednesday 2nd
Waking up in Juaz de Fora (good god, hotels feel like luxury after camping!), I jumped on the next bus over to Sao Juao del Rai, gateway to the colonial town of Tiradentes. I took the opportunity of the long journey to start listening to some of the Linguaphone Portuguese course I'd copied onto my iPod.

Linguaphone's courses, if you have never listened to them, are hilarious. They are just about the most English thing I have ever heard. The course was delivered, in clipped British accents, by a woman, and a man who I honestly mistook for Bazil Fawlty! After I had completed my first test, they cheerfully chirped "go ahead and give yourself a treat!", advising me to go and drink some Portuguese wine in the bath! I had trouble not bursting out laughing on the bus.

After more buses - luxurious and run down - I made it into the sleepy little colonial town of Tiradentes. I've checked in to a beautiful little hostel, and am looking forward to exploring tomorrow!

Missing all you guys and gals. How are you all?

P.s. Hell. Yes.

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Viv said...

My goodness, I envy you that night sky! Really quite something what you're up to. All alone in that landscape, you're a brave one. Thinking of you loads, go well. I love reading the blog, it's so alive.