Thursday, 10 July 2008

Onward and upward

The trip to Congonhas was great. Seeing the 0rigional statue of Daniel was even more amazing - the pockmarks left by wind and time lent weight to the aura of both strength and conviction, as well as love and compassion. This statue is, for me, the greatest work of Baroque art I have seen in Brazil. Here he is:

The rest of the church was fantastic - in little stone rooms Aleijadinho had carved extraordinary wooden scenes from Christs crucifixion, and in a side room, people had sent in thousands of ex votos - tributes to the church for perceived miraculous healing. There were crude pictures of people sick in bed, and even an elaborate drawing of a bus crash!

I've had a lot of fun in Minas, but I've had my fill of religious and colonial art for now. I'm gonna head up north to this hippie community around Chapada Diamantina, near Lencois, and see what I can see! Yep, that's a journey of 1500km in one day on a whim folks!

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Conrad said...


I get an hour in a Internet House to add you at Facebook and to visit your blog, as well I have to send news to my family in São Paulo.

I like very much your photos and comments... I hope you enjoy your trip around the Northwest and North...

See you, buddy.


P.S.: I think my blog adress will be linked in somewhere in this mensage... it's all in portuguese, so good look!