Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Felix's Travel Tips 1

Every now and again when I'm travelling, I'm in a situation where I wish I had known about something before it happened. As the information in the guidebooks seems to be inadequate on this front, I'm gonna start posting a couple of these useful titbits of information on here.

You Might Die Tip:

You may see this around Rio and assume that it is a zebra crossing:

You might therefore assume that cars will stop for you, as per England, if you are standing on it.

Hell, you may even assume that, zebra crossing or no, if you are in the middle of the road, cars will brake and not actually accelerate when they see you.


You Just Got Scammed Tip:
If one of the many shoe shine guys comes up to you on the beach in Rio, you may think: "Of course I don't need my shoes cleaned. I just put them on 5 minutes ago and they were spotless. Hell, these aren't even that kind of shoe!". Check your shoes before you say this however. You may find that there is a large and perfectly round spot of ugly green poop on your right shoe. Some may say a highly suspicious perfectly round glob of poop. Some may even say "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST THROW POO ON MY SHOE SO I WOULD PAY YOU TO CLEAN IT OFF WHAT THE HELL MAN". The tip: Laugh it off and let the man do an extremely impressive job of cleaning up the horrific mess. It'll only cost you a quid and will be, in hindsight, hilarious.


John said...

I think the UK is the only place where cars, for most of the time, stop when you're on a pedestrian crossing. Everywhere else I've been it's just paint on the road.

Ben (step bro) said...

ive gotta say you are doing damn well at keeping this up to date, i really hope you can keep this project going!

Max the wicked cool one of the family =D said...

U R GAY!! lololol cant w8 2 c u agen =D hav fun!