Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Plan

Ok, so this may seem a little crazy, but hell, what do you expect - It's me here!

I've made a nice lil image (and by lil I mean relatively big) of what I'm going to do. It's a bit big to fit on the ol blog though, so why don't you go ahead and open it up in a separate window. Just middle click on the image below. Go on, I'll wait.

Great, now here's the key you can use to cross reference it. Enjoy!
  1. Rio. This is me right now. Beautiful city, but it's time to get my ass moving. Hence the plan.
  2. My first point of call is a huge national park named Ibitipoca. I'm gonna buy a tent in Rio, and probably camp here for about 5 days or so. Apparently you can do the most amazing day walks from right in the center.
  3. Next stop is an old colonial city named Tiradentes. The city itself is supposed to be amazing, but I'm also going here to try and visit a monastery/school named Colegio Do Caraga right up in the mountains. Sometimes they let travellers stay there, so maybe I'll get lucky!
  4. I'm going to try to take an old restored train from Tiradentes to Ouro Preto, supposedly the most beautiful of Brazil's old colonial towns.
  5. Huuge journey of a couple of days all the way up to Lencois. Apparently there is this great little EcoCommune I might be able to stay with. Plus the park is supposed to be amazing - a rolling vista of towering, sunbeaten rock pillars.
  6. From there I'm going to do another massive jump over to another of Brazil's vast and stunning national parks. This one is named Ponte Alta do Tocantins, and apparently has some of the best amateur white water rafting in the world!
  7. On the 23rd of July I should arrive here. Araguaina. An amazing 5 day trance festival is supposed to be happening on a little island close to here, and I'm going to try and make it! Read all about it here: Festival Fora do Tempo
  8. No idea how the hell this massive leg is going to happen. Maybe a plane or something. Who knows!
  9. Manaus. The city situated right in the heart of the Amazon jungle. I've got some contacts here now, and I'm going to try and do a real trip into the jungle. Maybe 4 or 5 days.
  10. An amazing little ecovillage has sprung up in the jungle here, north of Manaus. I'm going to try and stay there for a couple of days. Check them out here: Abra 144
  11. A 5 day riverboat trip all the way down the Amazon you say? Yes. Yes I do. Apparently all you get is a hook to hang your hammock from and a space below to stow your stuff!
  12. Apparently, near Sao Luis is an amazing vista of rolling dunes named Lençois Maranhenses.
  14. Recife is a city with loads of interesting country around it. Itacare is supposed to be one of the best unspoilt beaches, and Caruaru has a market renowned around Brazil.
  15. At Barra de San Antonio, one of Brazil's huge rivers spills into the sea, creating a stunning beach way off shore - you have to take an hour long boat ride just to get there!
  16. Morro de Sao Paulo and 18. Arrial d'Ajuda are two of the most famous beaches in Brazil. They're supposed to be a bit touristy, but unmissable!
  17. Salvador! Hopefully I'll be able to see Alex for a bit!
  18. Arrial d'Ajuda.
  19. Phew. Finally I'll make it back to Rio. Hopefully in time for my flight on the 8th of September.
  20. If I have time (and money!), I may fly down to Sao Paulo and the amazing waterfalls further south. It's supposed to be a bit of a tourist trap down there though - can you believe that most people don't venture north of Rio?!
And that's that! If anyone has any advice for me, comment on here or give me an email at And if you feel like tagging along, get your ass to Rio! I leave in a couple of days!

Oh, and if you're feeling "hell, that ain't that crazy" or some other such wack sentiment, I've made another map with a nice, understandable scale:

That's right: This plan is like eight Englands long!

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this looks sooo amazing, hope you get my email before you head off x